Streamlined Business Solutions Dashboard

Your up-to-date snapshot of your business when you need it

The SBS Dashboard gives you up-to-date information about your business financials.  This is a place that you can look at your financial information with custom filters. What are your expenses over the last 6 months, 9 months, 12 months?  How does your revenue stack up 1st quarter vs. 2nd quarter?  How is my business profit trending over the past three years?  All of these type of questions and many more can be answered at the time when you need the


Check out a quick preview below and see what our clients are saying about the SBS Dashboard.

Just want to say that your dashboard is awesomeness incarnate. Loving it!

- Corina

This is a game changer in having in-depth view on financing and the ability to customize the reports.

- Sajag

The SBS Dashboard helps us constantly make high-level business decisions that guide our company.  Before the SBS Dashboard we would have been several months too slow in making critical shifts to our business.   I don't want to ever not have this tool again.

 - Fred

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