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Appreciate you all so much!

I really can’t thank SBS for all their help over the past 3 years of our business! It’s such a relief to get my reports and understand how our business is working. Dave & the group are so accommodating and helpful! You make it so easy to see my business from a financial standpoint!! Appreciate you all so much!

Diana W.

Streamlined Business Solutions is a MUST

Streamlined Business Solutions is a MUST for Real Estate agents, teams, brokers, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to own and operate a profitable business. David, Christi and the SBS team are absolutely amazing and I don’t know what I would do without them… especially as I type this during tax time!!!!

Jesse G.

I have never been on top of my profitability as I am right now

I no longer worry about doing my bookkeeping and use the time I am saving for lead generation and other endeavors. I have never been on top of my profitability as I am right now and credit SBS with teaching me how to prosper financially.

Tom L.

helped me ensure that I am running a profitable business

I made the decision to hire David to help me with my books over a year ago. I can’t even explain the difference it has made for me in my business. Being able to know my numbers every month has helped me ensure that I am running a profitable business! Also, David’s knowledge of the real estate industry and of the MREA models are excellent. He has helped me really get to know my numbers. I would recommend him to any real estate agent or other small business out there. He will make a huge difference for you in your business. Thanks for everything David!

Jessica J.

Finally in Control of My Expenses

Thanks for all you have done! I feel I am finally in control of my expenses.

John S.

I can’t imagine running my business without SBS

“I can’t imagine playing a game without a scoreboard just the same as I can’t imagine running my business without SBS. The insights on exactly where my money is going and how to use that data in order to make better decisions is something I’m truly grateful for.”

Kevin K.

A winner!

Love what Streamlined Business Solutions is doing for my business! If you are a KW agent – this company understands the MREA and does your P&L based off the MREA. Amazing! Love their responsiveness and customer service. A winner!

Sue A.

Accurate, Professional, and So Easy to Work With

I have recommended SBS to several people. They are accurate, professional, and so easy to work with.

Kari P.

I couldn’t imagine not using them.

Streamlined Business Solutions plays a huge role in my business. They do the bookkeeping for all of my businesses and even do all of the accounting for my rental properties. Their systematic approach to delivering my companies numbers gives me the information that I need to drive my business. I couldn’t imagine not using them. Thanks for everything!

Brett T.

An invaluable tool

A great way to get a true understanding of how much money you are “Netting” from your Real Estate business. An invaluable tool, if you are planning on taking your business to the next level

Jim D.

SBS is Excellent.

SBS is excellent. Working with David, Megan, Christen and Nichole is wonderful. They are on top of our books and the ‘Profit First’ set up we wanted to use was easy. Great company and we highly recommend them.

Susan G.

I couldn’t be happier

Just wanted to give you some New Years feedback on your service during 2015. I couldn’t be happier! You have an awesome product which I really appreciate.

Tom D.

Hiring SBS has been similar to gaining an MBA in finance

I’m scared to think where my business would be were it not for Streamlined Business Solutions. Prior to hiring SBS, my definition of a great month or year in business was based around ‘how much cash is left in the bank account.’ Hiring SBS has been similar to gaining an MBA in finance over the last 10+ years. The reporting, comparisons, and budgeting insights I’ve gained from being an SBS client have enabled me to make confident and informed business decisions. It’s so much more than just bookkeeping!

Fred W.

highly recommend

Wow, what an eye opener! Dave and his staff were able to quickly organize two years of financial records and whip up an overview of where I stand with my business. If you haven’t already done it, I highly recommend getting a handle on your financial situation.

Kelly H.

David and this team are awesome!!

David and this team are awesome!! Thanks for doing an amazing job, and I am thrilled to be in business with SBS, it’s awesome to see the growth your company has made in the past couple years. I will continue to refer you guys to all the mega agents I come into contact with.

Danny M.

phenomenal tool for my business

Streamlined Business Solutions has been a phenomenal tool for my business in addition to removing the worry and frusterations we were experiencing in our bookkeeping department

Jesse H.

I would never run my business without them again!

SBS has changed the way I look at the business and the numbers in my business. What they do allows me to make the necessary changes I need to make, at the moment I need to make them. I would never run my business without them again!

Jeremy M.

saving us time & money

Our company is so excited to have David and his team over our books. They can do in minutes what it takes me hours! He is saving us time & money. I wish we would have started with them years ago.

Mindy N.

I love you guys

I just had my first review with David. I love you guys, your systems, reports and customer service. I am so excited to have these reports and know my numbers like this.

Barb P.

Instrumental to Helping Our Team’s Growth

Dave and his team have been instrumental to helping our team’s growth over the past year. It is such a relief to know the bookkeeping is done accurately and in a timely manner each month! Couldn’t do it without you guys! Thanks so much for your professionalism!

Jason & Diana W.

I am really impressed

I was very reluctant to commit to handing over control of my books. David was very patient and spent the time I needed getting me comfortable with the process. He coached me and reminded me of what was important as a CEO. He detailed the value that SBS brings to the table. Well, I have to say, I’m a convert. Everyone at SBS has been super-helpful every step of the way. I’m just a few months into working with David and his awesome team, but I am really impressed. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get control of their numbers, reach out and have a conversation with Streamlined Business Solutions. I look forward to working together for a long time to come.

Greg G.

We couldn’t be happier

We couldn’t be happier with how much easier SBS has made our lives!! Before we hired them, my “bookkeeping” system was comprised of a paper bag filled with envelopes and me being frantic when it came time to put it altogether. Every year, I would commit to doing it better the next year. I can honestly say that I now do it better!! The process is so simple and pain-free now! SBS has given us so much peace of mind when it comes to my books that we have been able to focus on growing our business!

Lisa M.

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