Bookkeeping & Financial Reporting

Streamlined Business Solutions is proud to offer several tiers of financial reporting packages to suit your business’s needs.  

Each financial reporting package is tailored to give you insight into your business to make critical decisions to move your company forward.  

Every client will receive the “Entrepreneur” package and can choose to add on additional report packages depending on the needs of your individual business.  

Review the financial package descriptions below to better understand what is right for your business.

If you don’t see the reporting package that you are looking for, just ask, and we can work with you to customize the financial reporting you need.

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The Entrepreneur Reporting Package

The Entrepreneur reporting package is a great start to understanding your financial information.  

Within the report package, you will be able to deduce specific information required to make great business decisions.

Whether you are an accounting novice or a seasoned financial guru, The Entrepreneur reporting package provides everything you need to get started.  

Further, you can upgrade this package at any time as your business grows.

Included Reports

The Real Estate Rainmaker Reporting Package

This package includes everything in The Entrepreneur Reporting Package, plus:

Expansion Reporting

If your business earns revenue in more than one location, this reporting structure is for you! Includes the Current Month & Current Fiscal Year financials as outlined by the company and each individual location.

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List vs. Buy Reporting

If you have ever wondered your true listing cost, or possibly if one side of your business is subsidizing the other, this report is an eye-opener! List vs. Buy reporting uses a specific allocation to determine expenses pertaining to each side of the business. The revenue is reported appropriately based on the closed transactions.

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Team Agent Reporting

A great insight to how your team is performing.  This report includes individual Gross Commissions earned by agent, sorted by cumulative total and month.

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Additional Services


If SBS is preparing financial statements for more than one entity, ask about our Empire Reports! SBS will take a high level overview of each P&L and Balance Sheet and combine them to see what you individually have earned for the Current Month and Current Fiscal Year

Flip Property Tracking & ROI

SBS will take all costs associated with the Purchase & Sale of each flip property and provide an accurate breakdown of Escrow Costs, Rehab, Financing, Holding and other costs associated with your flips. We will also include an ROI calculation so you can view each property flipped.

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Rental Property Tracking

SBS will maintain a financial file for each entity containing your rental portfolio.  We will provide monthly financials for review of all Rental Income and Expenses by property. Includes a Balance Sheet.

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Monthly Financial Webinar

Learn to be involved with your financials on a deeper level.  On a monthly webinar, take the time to understand your financial reports and what questions to ask when reviewing them.  Learn to take a look at your numbers backward, forwards & upside down to make sure you really understand what’s going on.

Quarterly Financial Webinar

Learn about what the industry is doing and what SBS is seeing across the financials we report.  We will take the time to review your financials live and answer questions you may have regarding your business.  SBS will take a look at your trends in your business and help forecast future business based on previous timeframes.

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